Hi, Studio Rewild is run by me, Hannah-Rose. I am British, born and raised just outside of London, UK. In 2010, I moved to Stockholm, Sweden, and it’s now the place I call home. Well, earlier this year, we moved a few hours south to a cosy little house in the forest, so I am currently back and fourth between there and Stockholm, but out of the city as much as I possibly can be. For years I dreamt of having a small curated shop, and in 2019 I finally took the leap whilst on maternity leave. I had worked as a visual merchandiser for several years but, as much as I enjoyed the actual job, I couldn't justify working for the highly unsustainable fast fashion industry. Not to mention the fast pace and work load. I knew I wanted to grow a business doing something that felt meaningful. Something where I could use my skills and previous experience in a creative way, and that would also have a positive impact on the environment. Something my son and future generations could be proud of, however small a stepping stone it may be.

Thrifting is something that comes second nature to me. I grew up thrifting with my Nana and used to always look forward to our rounds to all the local highstreet charity shops. She taught me the art of manifesting even back then as a 10 year old. She would say, “Just think of what you're looking for really hard and then look in the shop and there it will be!” I still do this all the time, put my vision out into the universe and watch the vintage gods manifest those visions into physical pieces. Our thoughts really can turn into things - try it!

The name Rewild came to me one day and just stuck. Within science it basically means to to protect the environment and return it to its natural state, but we can apply the term to all aspects of our lives and being. Anything that brings us closer to ourselves and to a wilder state of being I believe also to be a form of rewilding. I wanted to use this as a bit of a metaphor even within my shop. I strive to source and stock items and objects that bring us closer to nature in some way, be it the materials, colours, or just the way they bring a sense of harmony and calm.

Personally, I strive for a more simple, slower way, honouring my own cycle as well as the seasons. I am ever evolving, exploring, learning and unlearning, whilst nurturing myself and my family and trying to be gentle on my soul. Studio Rewild is also evolving, slowly growing and following along as part of my journey. I have an abundance of ideas and a larger long-term vision that I know will all unfold in good time.

Later in 2022 I hope to weave in some yoga, reiki and other exciting nourishing things into this space. I am so excited to be able to share my journey with you and so humbled and thankful for all the support from you as customers and community. 

All my love,

Hannah xx